The correlation between ABO Blood Groups, Rh factor and Body Mass Index in most common oral diseases


  • Dr. Esra Hassan Al –Hashemy
  • Dr. Maha Jamal Abbas



Key Words: ABO blood group, oral disease, Rh factor, body mass index


Objective:-The presence of specific type of blood group antigens have been
associated with various diseases, with antigens also acting as receptors for
infectious agents and the relative susceptibility of some blood group phenotypes to
certain oral diseases has been investigated. Also, the poor oral health and develop
of some oral disease has previously been related to high body mass index (BMI).
Aims of the study :-The the aim of this study was to indicate if any association
between ABO blood system and body mass index with several oral diseases
includes gingivitis and periodontitis.
Material and method :-A total of (82) subjects were included in this study collected
from hospital of dentistry college from February to July,2013,divided into three
groups as those with gingivitis, periodontitis, and the healthy ones consider
control group, aged between (10 and 55 )years were selected on a random basis .
ABO blood groups were detected by using slide agglutination method after
collected of blood samples .BMI was measured for all groups.
Results: The results of this study reported that blood group type (O) appear in high
percentage ( 50%) among patients group include( gingivitis and periodontitis ),and
the blood group (A)showed a high percentage ( 47.67%) in healthy group with
statistical significant differences (p <0.05) while, the least rate of blood group in
oral disease group were (AB)( 7.5%) and ( O and B)(14.29%) in control. The
results of RH factors showed a significant increase of Rh-positive in all examined
groups. The body mass (mean ±SD) (26±3.056) kg/m2was significantly higher
patient group when compared to control(BMI= 22.71±3.241) kg/m2 with p
value< o.o5 .while the statistical analysis revealed there were non-significant
differences according to type of blood groups between male and female and the
mean of BMI not differed between gingivitis and periodontitis p>0.05.
Conclusion: Significant relationships between ABO blood type and body mass index
with most common oral disease while RH results revealed no significant
differences were recorded between control and oral disease.




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Al –Hashemy, D. E. H., & Abbas, D. M. J. (2018). The correlation between ABO Blood Groups, Rh factor and Body Mass Index in most common oral diseases. Mustansiria Dental Journal, 10(2), 228–240.