About the Journal

About the Journal

Mustansiriya Dental Journal (MDJ) (p-ISSN: 2618-0944, e-ISSN: 1813-8500) is a scientific research journal issued by the College of Dentistry - Mustansiriyah University. The journal follows an open-access policy and employs a double-blind peer-review process. It publishes original research papers every six months, covering key research areas in dental science. The papers' selection is based on their scientific authenticity and interdisciplinary significance.

To ensure the quality of publications, the editorial board consults a committee and reviewers consisting of distinguished scientists from both Iraqi universities and globally recognized institutions. The primary aim of the journal is to enhance the standard of scientific research within Iraq and contribute to the dissemination of knowledge across various scientific domains, aligning with the disciplines encompassed in the journal's scope.

The journal exclusively accepts papers in the English language, and all submitted articles undergo thorough plagiarism checks via anti-plagiarism programs. This meticulous approach enables the journal to uphold the highest standards, ensuring that all published papers are credible, pertinent, and valuable to the scientific community.


Publishing Frequency

The journal published two issues per volume each year. The following table illustrates the scheduled date to publish each issue.

Issue No.

Publish Date

Issue 1

June 30,202x

Issue 2

December 30,202x


Peer Review Timeline

  • Submission Acknowledgment:

Upon submission, authors receive an acknowledgment email confirming receipt and outlining the next steps.

  • Initial Screening (1-2 Weeks):

Editors perform an initial assessment to ensure the manuscript meets journal criteria.

  • Reviewer Assignment (1-2 Weeks):

Reviewers are selected and invited to assess the manuscript.

  • Review Process (3-8 Weeks):

Reviewers assess the manuscript thoroughly and submit their feedback.

  • Initial Editorial Decision (1-2 Weeks):

Editors evaluate reviews and decide on acceptance, revision, or rejection.

  • Revisions (4-8 Weeks):

Authors make necessary revisions based on reviewer feedback.

  • Final Decision (1-2 Weeks):

The editor-in-chief reviews the revised manuscript and makes a final decision on publication.

  • Publication Preparation (1-6 Months):

Accepted manuscripts undergo copyediting for final formatting and proofreading.

  • Publication (Scheduled):

Finalized manuscripts are published online or in the journal's issue according to the publication schedule.


Open Access Policy

Mustansiria Dental Journal embraces an open-access policy, ensuring that its valuable scientific content is freely accessible to all. This commitment promotes global knowledge dissemination and encourages collaboration among researchers. By providing unrestricted access, the journal contributes to the advancement of science and innovation. Authors and readers alike benefit from this inclusive approach, fostering a diverse and widespread scientific community. Open access at Mustansiria Dental Journal reflects its dedication to the principles of transparency and accessibility in academia.


Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

A DOI is guaranteed by no means to change, so it can be used as a permanent link to any electronic article. The journal DOI prefix account is 10.32828.


Copyright and licensing

The journal applies a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license of (CC BY 4.0). This license allows authors to keep ownership of the copyright of their papers. But this license permits any user to download, print out, extract, reuse, archive, and distribute the article, so long as appropriate credit is given to the authors and the source of the work. The license ensures that the article will be available as widely as possible and that the article can be included in any scientific archive.



Plagiarism Policy

The author should submit an original manuscript and an unpublished article to Al-Mustansiria Dental Journal. The manuscript must include a proper citation without plagiarism/duplication from previous studies. The manuscript is submitted to Turnitin's plagiarism detection software before being sent to the reviewers. Mustansiria Dental Journal editorial board will reject the manuscript if a plagiarism score above 15% is detected at any stage of the publication process. The manuscript that is generated by artificial intelligence will not be accepted. In addition, the journal will not accept manuscripts submitted elsewhere.     


Archive Policy

Digital Archiving: Al-Mustansiriyah Journal of Science is an open-access journal, which allows access to all published papers on its website without any charge. Also, the published papers in the journal are archived in the following archive system in Iraq:


Backups: MDJ implements an additional backup policy to protect against data loss.

Onsite Backup: The onsite full server backups provide disaster recovery options to help protect against data loss or corruption. Onsite backups are run daily by the host and retained for 7 days by default. The backup is performed on the main hosting server hetzner, and the substitute hosting server ovh.

Remote Backup: MDJ ensures 7-days backup of the OJS database and daily backup of the cPanel for disaster recovery.



The journal is issued by the College of Dentistry - Mustansiriyah University


Author fees

The magazine is completely open, meaning all articles and access to the magazine's contents are free. In addition, the authors should pay IQD 50,000, free of charge for joint research with publishers from outside Iraq, and free for publishers from outside Iraq


Advertising policy

The MDJ doesn't accept advertisements for any company or material.