The role of intracanal medicaments in inhibition of bacteria isolated from root canals of infected primary molars


  • Dr. Maha Abdul- Kareem Mahmood
  • Dr. Huda Elias Ali
  • Dr. Haraa Khairi Abdul-Kadher



Keywords: Endodontic diseases, intra canal medicament, pulpectomy, endodontic pathogens


Microbes are considered as the primary etiologic agents in endodontic diseases.
Disinfection of the root canal is obtained by the combined effect of biomechanical
preparation, irrigation and intra canal medicament. The aim of the present study was
to assess the antimicrobial activity of intracanal medicaments (formocresol and
Endosepton) against two micro organisms (Streptococcus mutans and staphylococcus
aureus) isolated from 15 necrotic pulps of primary molars indicated for pulpectomy
procedure. The samples were cultured, and purified using microbiological evaluation.
Broth dilution test was performed in our study by preparing test tubes containing
10 ml of BHI broth (pH. 7) which then inoculated with strains of the tested bacteria
and incubated at 37 C° for 24 h. After over night incubaction, ten fold dilution were
made in test tubes containing 9 ml of normal saline by adding 1 ml of the inoculum to
the first tube . Then from dilution 10-1 , 0.1 ml of cell suspension was added to 9.9 ml
of formocresol and endosepton, then 0.1 ml was taken and spread on duplicates of
BHI agar plates at different intervals and incubated aerobically for 24 h. at 37 C°.
Colonies on the plates were counted after incubation and CFU/mL (colony forming
unit) was calculated. Our results indicating that there were no significant differences
between the intracanal medicaments, but there were high significant differences
between the intervals time of the study. We concluded that both materials had great
antibacterial effect against the pathogens commonly isolated from necrotic pulpal
tissue of primary teeth.




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Mahmood, D. M. A.-. K., Ali, D. H. E., & Abdul-Kadher, D. H. K. (2019). The role of intracanal medicaments in inhibition of bacteria isolated from root canals of infected primary molars. Mustansiria Dental Journal, 14(1), 92–98.



Pedodontics, Orthodontics & Prevention Dentistry