SAF file: It's really three dimensional file


  • Prof. Dr. Jamal Aziz Mehdi



The biological objectives of root canal treatment have not changed over the recent
decades, but the methods to attain these goals have been greatly modified. The
introduction of NiTi rotary files represents a major leap in the development of
endodontic instruments, with a wide variety of sophisticated instruments presently
available (1, 2).
Whatever their modification or improvement, all of these instruments have one
thing in common: they consist of a metal core with some type of rotating blade that
machines the canal with a circular motion using flutes to carry the dentin chips and
debris coronally. Consequently, all rotary NiTi files will machine the root canal to a
cylindrical bore with a circular cross-section if the clinician applies them in a strict
boring manner




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E ndodontics, Fixed Prosthesis & Operative Dentistry

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