Evaluation of the effectiveness of newly designed motor-driven fiberglass burs versus hand instrumentation in open root planing


  • Tarik Y. Khamrco
  • Raed A. Badea
  • Jamal A. Mehdi


The present study was performed to evaluate the effectiveness of newly designed
motor-driven fiberglass burs in root planing and compare it to manual instrumentation
using universal curette. Twelve patients complaining from periodontitis with deep
periodontal pockets were involved in this study. A total number of 139 pocket sites
received root planing by motor-driven fiberglass burs and 131 pocket sites were
planed manually by curette.
The root planing procedure was opened type; it was performed by modified
widman flap operation. The clinical parameters that were used in this study are
(plaque index, bleeding on probing, probing pocket depth and relative attachment
level). They were recorded in 4 periodic visits 2 of them before treatment and 2 after
treatment to assess the improvement and to make a comparison between the two
methods of treatment.
The results revealed that there was a significant improvement in all of the clinical
parameters after treatment with fiberglass burs.
Also the results showed that that there was no significant difference between the
improvement that was implemented by the two methods of treatment.